Before starting with any primary topic about Modern Combat 5, one should know that the game is created recently by Gameloft SE. The same game contains numerous stunning or impressive features which make it classic among all others.

It is an action game in which you are provided with lots of missions, objectives and events also which gamers have to complete as to make progress. Another main thing which you should know is that in Modern Combat 5 there are lots of classic features present and all features are as follows –

·         It also provides an online multiplayer mode in which you simply play the game with your friends accordingly.

·         Another fine thing is that it provides high-quality realistic graphics with better sound quality.

·         Also, it deals in an in-app purchases feature by which players become able to buy all things using their real-life money.

So, these are some stunning features that are the major reasons behind the great success of Modern Combat 5.


All players of Modern Combat 5 should know that in Modern Combat 5 there is the main type of currency present. The same type of currency is in the form of credits and earning them in huge amount is essential for the gamers. Now, you must know that currency in the form of credits is earned by completing more missions and objectives. Not only is this, one can make use of mc5 cheats and hacks to grab a huge amount of credits in good amount.


Moreover, there are many things which gamers should know when going to play Modern Combat 5. Some of the main things are like players have to take part in all events and then complete them to earn rewards, currency and many other essential things.