Plants vs. Zombies is an amazing casual mobile game developed and designed by Electronic Arts. All over the world, there are millions of players who love Electronic arts developers because of their concepts and graphics in the games. Plants vs. Zombies is a casual game, but it required proper strategy and character knowledge to play like a pro. Players can compete in the PvP matches, and PVZ 2 is a sequel of the previous version which was also a successful version of the game.

Some important tips and tricks

As I mentioned above that it required a good strategy that can help the players to win the battles. Also, for winning battles from the zombies, there are some important tips and tricks that every player should know –

Don’t stop playing with the sunflower – Sunflower plant is from the beginning of the game, and it is also a major plant and like backbone of plants. It will help the player to the higher levels, and afterward, user can also upgrade the sunflower also. The power of healing is the best thing about sunflower for other plants. Sunflower is a major candidate in the battles because of its healing ability other plants rely on it so much.

Upgrade the plants – Plants are the primary weapons that can stop the zombies and for that plants have to be strong as well. After reaching higher levels, zombies are getting powerful and enhance their skills, and for that reason, sometimes plants are unable to beat them. Just like zombies plants can also increase their skills and powers. Customizing plants will make them stronger and more effective in PVZ 2, and it will help players in winning battles at the higher levels.